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Between tradition and innovation
The Transpack group was founded in 1973 by Enrico Pittarello. Transpack is a company specialised in the production of industrial packaging and distribution of logistic services. Over the years through the acquisition and incorporation of newcos, the company developed a network in Italy and abroad, becoming a key player nationwide in the field of integrated logistics. To diversify the business, the company later invested in the building and real estate sector with Transpack Group Spa, company engaged in the production of raised floors and provides contract services.

The Transpack Group

The architecture of the Transpack Group is characterised by two business divisions: Logistic and real estate area.

TRANSPACK Spa and FLAY Srl both operate in the logistic area on the domestic market while ECOTEC Doo and PAKLOG Doo operate in the foreign market (in Croatia and Slovenia, respectively).

The real estate area includes TRANSPACK GROUP SERVICE Spa which operates in the raised flooring sector and the public space contracting through its brand Nesite. The Group also has a branch in the United Arab Emirates, FLOOR SYSTEM COMPANY Hfz and is dedicated to raised floors and related logistic services and finally TRE TRANSPACK REAL ESTATE Spa is the real estate owner of the properties where all of the companies of the group operate.

The Group

Transpack Group in Italy

  1. Pontelongo PADOVA: Logistics Hub 20.000 sqm
  2. Piove di Sacco PADOVA: Logistics Hub 40.000 sqm
  3. Marghera VENEZIA: Logistics Hub 5.000 sqm
  4. Noventa di Piave VENEZIA: Logistics Hub 15.000 sqm
  5. Muggia TRIESTE: Logistics Hub 6.000 sqm
  6. Massa Lombarda RAVENNA: Logistics Hub 40.000 sqm
  7. Ozzano dell’Emilia BOLOGNA: Logistics Hub 13.000 sqm
  8. PIACENZA: Logistics Hub 5.000 sqm
  9. LODI: Logistics Hub 6.000 sqm
  10. GENOVA: Logistics Hub 5.000 sqm
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Transpack Group Network

The Group
The Group

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