Working in a "Quality" perspective is an essential condition to guarantee a correct execution of all our activities aimed at preserving the integrity of materials up until their destination.

Due to the nature of the activities, Transpack covers a crucial role in managing the distribution chain of products where the customer has little or no control over how goods are handled, transported and stored.

Certificazione ISO

With a goal in mind to guarantee customers a high level of quality standard of own products and services within the scope of continuous improvement, Transpack has received the certifications UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001: 1996.

Transpack's mission is to be a point of reference in the industrial packaging sectors, as well as in the logistics services sectors in terms of product quality, reliability and related services in compliance with the environment while striving to fully satisfy customers' needs.

Certificazione ISO

The company's policy is implemented through the planning, realisation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a corporate management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO9001 and UNI EN ISO14001.

Transpack is able to ensure that customers' requirements are identified, defined and met with the purpose of increasing the customer's level of satisfaction through the definition of proper processes and in accordance with environmental standards and applicable laws.

Operating procedures are established through environmental planning allowing Transpack to learn about its own position with respect to the environment and legislation while adopting all the necessary measures to improve environmental performance.

The identification process of major environmental aspects linked with the activities carried out take account of the following factors, where applicable:

  • Emissions into air;
  • Discharge in water;
  • Waste management;
  • Soil contamination;
  • Effects to the community (noise, odours, effects on the environment);
  • Use of raw materials and natural resources.

Reverse logistic activities are conducted for the environment:

  • reduction of wastes and safeguarding primary resources (by reducing the packaging weight and volume);
  • study of packages to ease transportation;
  • advanced management of processing waste.

As far as exportation is concerned, the Veneto Region has recognised the conformity of corporate production processes with Standard ISPM 15 FAO and has authorised Transpack to affix the trademark prescribed by Standard ISPM 15 of IPPC/FAC on packaging wood and on HT pre-treated finished packaging products in accordance with ISPM 15/FAO by certified companies or that are processed and traded accordingly.

The registration identification number given by this service is: 023.


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Marchio IPPC