Founded in 1973, Transpack is the italian leader on industrial packaging services. It is able to manage packaging and storing operations, as well as protecting cargo, machinery, equipment and the whole industrial installations, from any provenance and to any destination in the world.

Each year, Transpack production centers transform more than 25.000 cm of wood and more than 1.000.000 sqm of cardboard in packing, able to preserve and assure the protection of the client’s material.

Each day, over 300 people work inside Transpack facilities or in the places indicated by the client, in order to work on their cargo.

logistics and production hubs
sqm of storage areas
m3 of processed wood / year


Industrial wood packaging

We supply all types of industrial wooden packaging in a quick time. The product range includes wooden crates and cages, folding crates, fair crates, saddles, bottoms and pallets.

Industrial carboard packaging

We specialise in the production of 2 and 3 wave cardboard packaging, the so-called heavy cardboard, particularly suitable for containing and transporting large goods.

Customized design

We produce packaging of any type, size and capacity, designed to ensure maximum safety and integrity of the load during all phases of handling.


Our hubs are structured to handle goods of important dimensions and weights. We manage through qualified personnel all the phases of unloading and final loading of the goods, packaged or not, on any type of vehicle.


Transpack Group sites in the territory