Wood packaging

Transpack provides in a short time industrial wood packaging of any shape and size, customized to the customer’s specific needs. Transpack solutions are designed to offer maximum support and protection of the goods during the various transport and storage operations.

Our wooden packaging complies with all current HT ISPM 15 standards and is sourced from certified and periodically checked supply chains. We ensure high quality standards, with solutions that fit every type of need, a “tailor-made” approach which distinguishes all Transpack packaging solutions.

Wood packaging – our solutions

Transpack’s wood packaging

Choosing Transpack wood packaging means, first of all, relying on the experience of those who have been working in this sector for 50 years. This allows us to create packaging of any type and complexity, with solutions tailored to the specific Customer needs.

All our activities are preceded by a preliminary study, of fundamental importance, in order to guarantee:

• An optimal weight/volume ratio in relation to the cost of the packaging itself.
• The correct determination of external stress.
• Effective conditioning of the materials.

Packaging operations can be carried out either inside the customer’s and/or supplier’s plant, or inside Transpack’s logistics centres, also to make up for any lack of space. This dual possibility allows us to take charge of the entire end-of-line process, optimising distribution and final costs.

Our plants are designed to handle heavy goods, with the possibility of managing all the unloading and final loading phases of the goods – whether packed or not – on any type of vehicle. This allows us to fully manage the processes at the beginning and end of the production line, offering the advantage of having a single interlocutor for the management of the finished product.

We also provide space for the storage of goods, with dedicated warehouse areas where incoming material is managed, outgoing goods are handled and customs documents are prepared.

Wood packaging