Packaging accessories


Barrier bag is a protective covering, consisting of a triple layer of polyester, aluminium and polyethylene, vacuum-packed.

Can be used with activated clay bags to absorb residue humidity inside the bag when used in the proper quantity.

VCI treatment

VCI (vapor-corrosion-inhibitor) is a polyethylene anticorrosive coating for metallic surfaces. The compound acts by sublimation and adsorption, depositing on the surface of the metal to be preserved.

VCI diffusers are supplied to work on the most inaccessible parts.


The polyethylene is a transparent covering, 150 micron thick, specific for protection from atmospheric agents.

galvanized sheet metal

The galvanized sheet metal, 250 microns thick, suitably jointed and waterproofed, guarantees particularly effective protection against all atmospheric agents.

Bold polyethylene

Bold polyethylene is high density polyethylene, 400 micron thick. A valid and more economical alternative to galvanized sheet metal in the superior protection of the packaging.

shock watch
Shock watch is an impact indicator which warns operators of any possible vibrations while loading industrial packages during the transportation phases.
tilt watch

Tilt watch is installed in industrial packages to warn of possible tilting of packs (industrial packs) during transit.

humidity indicators
Humidity indicators are devices dedicated to detecting the humidity rate of contents inside a barrier bag through a chromatic variation of circular indicators.
ventilation grid

Ventilation grids in industrial packaging are required to allow the exchange of air inside the crates.

inspection window
Inspection windows in industrial packs are placed to check for any devices (humidity indicators or others) present inside a sealed pack.