Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging


Transpack designs tailor-made industrial packaging, of any shape and size, able to ensure maximum support and protection of the load during all stages of the handling.

The execution of a Transpack industrial packaging is strictly preceded by a feasibility study and preliminary assessment, in order to prevent and contain potential risk factors in a targeted manner. In this phase, of fundamental importance, an analysis of the materials, destinations, type of transport, system and storage times that will precede unpacking is foreseen.

The result is a balance between the structural characteristics of the packaging, in order to guarantee the integrity of the contents, the optimization of the packaging volumes (with the least possible use of materials) and the type of shipment with specific solutions for the means of transport used.

Industrial packaging design
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on-site and off-site packaging

Industrial packaging operations are carried out both at the Customer’s and/or suppliers’ sites and at Transpack’s logistics centres in order to compensate for any possible lack of space at the Customer’s sites.

This double action allows to take charge of the entire end-of-line process, optimizing distribution and final costs.

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All the activities of our industrial packaging are planned, coordinated and carried out by Transpack, which defines and checks timing and methods of their implementation.

Transpack operates in all its hubs through qualified personnel, equipped with certifications and licenses for the handling of goods by overhead cranes and forklifts.


The Transpack centers are structured to handle goods of important dimensions and weights, with the possibility to manage all the phases of unloading and final loading of the goods – packed and not – on any type of means.

This allows Transpack to fully manage the beginning and end of the production line processes, giving the customer the advantage of having a unique interlocutor in the management of the finished product.

In the Transpack factories, moreover, there are spaces available for the storage of goods, with dedicated areas in the warehouse where the management of incoming material, the handling of outgoing goods and the preparation of transport documents takes place.

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