Saturday 16th December was inaugurated the new Transpack’s logistic center in Noventa di Piave.

The project has started on july 2017 when the Transpack Group acquired a new property measuring 18,000 square metres in its sheltered space, to be used as warehouse.

The acquisition is intended to expand the existing logistic area to 40,000 sq.m. in total and set up a bonded warehouse to handle third-party goods in a foreign country up to the time of clearance through customs.

A bonded warehouse is a solution that obviates the negative cash flow caused by immediate payments of customs duties and VAT (as an indispensable requirement for goods import, stocking and distribution) as such duties and tax can be paid after the sale of goods rather than at the time of goods arrival, as is conventionally made, with a consequent appreciable financial advantage that is particularly marked for goods subject to production waste, expiry dates, long stocking periods or redistribution from Italy to non-EU countries.

This is a new service that Transpack offers to its customers and is part of the solutions developed to contain supply-chain costs.