Did you know that THE SHED’s spectacular enclosure in New York, the new cultural center inaugurated last April 5th, is made in Italy? The facades of the roof have been realized by an important Venetian company, for which we managed the packaging activities.

The picking and delivery activities were assigned to CESPED and involved the shipment of approx. 200 teus in 15 months. The project, however, has suffered a considerable slowdown of the on-site work just a few months before the inauguration, which significantly conditioning the lead time.

Thus began a race against time that made Transpack’s involvement with the Noventa di Piave plant indispensable. Here, in order to speed up shipments as much as possible, a hub dedicated to the preparation and packaging of the facades has been created, picked up daily, for 2 months, by Cesped. 

The project, successfully completed, led to the acquisition of CS Facades as a customer who, since August, has transferred all the logistics activities in the warehouse of Noventa di Piave.