Transpack, thanks to a policy of constant investments in new technologies and a team dedicated to the product development, is today a reference point in the industrial packaging sector. The Product Manager of the Cardboard Packaging Department is Anna Pasquino, who we went to interview.

Good morning Anna, when did you join the Transpack Group?

I started in june of 2000 with a ten-year experience in the Packaging sector, in particular in the production of cardboard packaging

What’s your role in Transpack?

I am the Product Manager of the Cardboard Packaging Area and this implies the monitoring of the all activities, from the relationship with suppliers, and the relative purchases of the raw material, until the fulfillment of the orders that I coordinate with the colleagues of the department.

What types of cardboard uses Transpack?

Transpack is a leading company specialized in the production of 2 and 3 waves cardboard packaging, also called heavy cardboard, suitable for containing and transporting large goods. A low cost and the possibility of being completely recycled makes cardboard packaging a valid alternative, technologically more advanced than traditional wood packaging.

Our production unit has two modern transversal slotter lines used to trim, crease, split, punch and print corrugated cardboard boxes in a single step.

For the special packaging, instead, we use cardboard certified BFSV (the German quality institute), approved for transportation by sea, build with cellulose and virgin wood fibers that allow a superior performance

When the use of cardboard packaging is indicated?

Our cardboard packs have high compression performance and can replace wood packaging, ensuring the same strength and load capacity, while offering all the advantages typical of the cardboard packaging: lightness, easing assembly, less storage space. Easily compatible with other types of packaging, they are often combined with pallets, the ideal solution for voluminous goods to be shipped by air. Ovviosly, there are constraints such as the load capacity (up to about 1000 kg), the sizes or the perimeter of the packaging. They can not, of course, be a valid alternative when stored in outdoor environments.

What differentiates Transpack from its competitors?

Personally, I can say that the teamwork, the professionalism and the availability of the persons employed in the various departments are a guarantee in solving and satisfying the needs of the customer, in every aspect. Flexibility, punctuality, dynamism and ambition are the elements that surely characterize Transpack.