“LABEL PHARMA” case is an integrated logistics operation, which concerned the management of all shipping phases of a Pharmaceutical Machinery in UAE, which also included the delivery inside a hospital located in Dubai.

The project was coordinated in partnership with Cesped, who managed all phases of the transport from Italy to CFR Dubai. The operation was carried out in close collaboration with our hub in Sharjah, which oversaw all customs operations in the Emirates.

FP PERISSINOTTO designed and built the packaging, based on the unloading needs in the Emirates.

FLAY DUBAI was responsible for managing operations from CFR to DDP: documents check before shipment, inspection at the hospital for the study of packaging and management of all
shipping phases with CNEE.

The Label Pharma case is the first operation integrated EXW – DDP with active support in all the shipping phases. This demonstrates the ability to offer a full – service, not limited to just industrial packaging / logistics operations in our reference area.

The collaboration with Cesped allows us to complete the supply chain and coordinate the door-to-door operations.

This first operation opens the Gulf market to Label Pharma. The goal is to develop for them a hub in Italy for receiving goods / packaging and shipping to Noventa in collaboration with Cesped. In the Emirates we will, therefore, develop hub & delivery operations for the Middle East.