In order to support Paklog d.o.o, Transpack Group is present on the Balkan market with ECOTEC d.o.o, a company founded in 1990 in Zagreb, in the heart of Končar Group, one of the largest Croatian companies.

In 2013, it was decided to enter this small Croatian reality in partnership with Comark. The entry into a historical Group, completed by our skills, allowed us to implement the offer on the local market in a revolutionary way compared to the previous standards.

The company absorbed the packaging know-how of Transpack and Comark’s in the vision of the local market, supplying labor and commercial capabilities.

In the year of the acquisition the HT license was obtained. With Ecotec, we have “revolutionized” the packaging on the local market, introducing techniques that had not been used in Croatia up until then, from the buffered boxes with OSB plywood to the use of the cap coupled to the dehydrating salts for marine packaging.

In close collaboration with Paklog and Comark, the company today imposes itself on the Croatian market as an innovative and flexible reality. In the last 3 years the company has Over the past 3 years, the company has registered an exponential growth, an aspect that has involved the expansion on a bigger site.