Flay’s recent achievement is the Authorised Economic Operator status, which it obtained after meeting all necessary requirements to that effect.

An “Authorised Economic Operator” means a business or individual established in the territory of the EU, which or who has obtained an AEO authorisation valid for the full EU
customs territory. “Authorised Economic Operator” is recognised as reliable and solvent, which also implies a number of advantages (depending on the requested type of AEO authorisation).

This status can be awarded to economic operators and their trade partners within an international supply chain (manufacturers, exporters, freight forwarders/shipping companies, warehouse managers, customs agents, carriers or importers) who or which, in the course of their business, are involved in activities covered by customs legislation, and qualify as reliable and trustworthy persons in the supply chain compared to other operators.

In order to obtain an AEO status, an economic operator needs to provide evidence that the following requirements are met – some of these are common to the two types of authorisations
envisaged by the applicable legislation:
• To comply with customs and tax legislation and to have committed no serious crimes related to their business activity;
• To have a satisfactory system for managing commercial and transport records;
• To ensure financial solvency.

This very important achievement makes Flay a reliable commercial partner with an efficient and effective management system.