Transpack carbon negative, new cogeneration system in the Pontelongo production site

Transpack invests in carbon-negative technology and starts the energy transition path with SyngaSmart50 by RESET Srl, a containerised gasification system fuelled by wood biomass, obtained from the waste of its own woodworking processes in the production of packaging. The module, based on SBR30 gasifiers, uses a Dry Smart Cutter15t biomass preparation system.

The system, in this first phase, will allow Transpack to cover about 51% of the electricity needs of the Pontelongo production site, with the possibility of implementing a second module to reach 80% of energy consumption.

Carbon negative, impianto di cogenerazione Transpack

the module being installed in Transpack Pontelongo

Carbon negative, plus Syngasmart system

Uses residual biomass and organic waste, reducing their volume by 95%

SyngaSmart can process up to approximately 2,000 tonnes/year of solid biomass directly where it is produced, thus reducing the costs and environmental impacts associated with transport and delivery. For larger quantities and/or energy needs, simply add one or more modules.

Produces programmable renewable energy

Unlike other non-programmable technologies, with SyngaSmart it is possible to produce energy 24 hours a day, as long as biomass is available and with a minimum of personnel. In addition, the gasification process maximises energy recovery from the biomass without the dust and ash emission impacts associated with combustion.

Removes carbon from atmospheric cycle

CO2 can be sequestered through the production and use of biochar as a soil conditioner. In fact, the gasification process allows to store a share of the Carbon contained in the biomass used, in a solid and stable form over time, thus achieving a carbon-negative process.