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American boxes

Transpack produces american boxes made of heavy cardboard (two and three waves), custom-sized, suitable for holding and transporting even very large products.

American cardboard boxes, thanks to their strength and low cost, are among the most common and used cardboard packaging. They provide a closure both on the lid and on the bottom and, according to the needs, they can be made with partially or totally overlapping flaps.

Our American boxes are robust, with high mechanical compression performance and offer all the advantages of cardboard packaging: lightness, ease of composition, less storage space.

Easily compatible with other types of packaging, they are often combined with custom-made pallets (2 and 4 way), the ideal solution for bulky goods to be shipped by air all over the world.

American boxes are also available in in BFSV certified cardboard, approved for transport by sea.

Amercan box - industrial cardboard packaging

DIMENSIONS: customized design, stacking capacity up to about 1,000 kg.

MATERIAL: 2 or 3 wave cardboard (heavy cardboard), 100% recyclable. Also available in BFSV certified cardboard.


• Cardboard packaging can be customised with one or two colour trademarks and logos.

• Carvings and handle holes available to meet all your packaging and transportation needs


• Suitable for all types of transport.

• Not suitable for outdoor storage.


Our packaging can be made in Transpack operating centres, in the Customer’s factory or at the Customer’s suppliers.


We can carry out any kind of goods handling activity and we dispose of a Project – Cargo division, able to manage the packing and transport operations of out-of-shape loads.


We carry out inserting and clamping operations on materials / complete plants or parts of them, in order to allow a safe transport to their destination.

Our centres are structured to handle goods of important dimensions and weights, allowing the management of the unloading and final loading phases on any type of vehicle.

We also offer the possibility to weigh the goods through certified scales and we issue the official VGM documentation (method 2).


We offer wide spaces for the storage of goods, even in the long term. Transpack, moreover, is an A&O certified operator, with the possibility to manage the goods in the warehouse through a bonded warehouse.

The Transpack bonded warehouse has an area of about 40,000 square meters (18,000 square meters covered) and allows the management of third-party goods, keeping them in a foreign state until customs clearance.


    Transpack produces and supplies in a short time 2 and 3 wave cardboard packaging (heavy cardboard), of various thicknesses and types, with solutions also for air and sea transport. Transpack cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable and, thanks to the strength of the raw material, can represent a valid alternative to wooden packaging in terms of cost and performance. We ensure high quality standards, with solutions that meet every need, a “tailor-made” approach which distinguishes all types of Transpack packaging.